Welcome to NJWEEDMANS Joint

Healthy, Hearty, Home-Made Food for Trenton's "High Society"

STATE ASSEMBLYMAN - REED GUSCIORA presenting THE JOINT with a Joint Resolution from the state assembly.

322 East State St

Trenton, NJ

Across from City Hall

Indoor/Outdoor Dining,Eat-In/TakEOUT (downTown DELIVERY AVAIL)


Kitcken Hours

T-W-T: 10am-8pm Friday 10am - 2am

Saturday: 4pm-2am

Sunday: closed - Except for special events

Kannabosum KourtYard  http://tinyurl.com/kannabosumKourtyard

Stoner Saturdays: 4:20pm-The End

Sanctuary Hours- same as kitcken

The Liberty Bell Temple III (Sanctuary) - Membership avail

Time is Flexible: It’s always 420! - Midnight Mass

THE STASH SPOT: 10am - 8pm)


Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Made Just for You