Deborah L Madaio (born March 2, 1964) Is the co-owner of NJWeedman’s Joint in Trenton NJ. 

A  lifelong resident of New Jersey, Debi dropped out of High School in  1981 and at the age of 16 years after having Spinal Surgery for  scoliosis which consisted  of a fusion and rodding from T12-L4, set out on her own after  completing and receiving her High School Equivalency Diploma. During  this time she was a daily Marijuana user, she knows Marijuana saved her  from much harder drugs such as heroin.  

She worked menial  jobs and while employed at a Motorcycle repair shop in Morristown NJ,  Debi decided to get a FT job at Long Term Care Center as a Certified  Nursing assistant, and this is where she met the LPN who would introduce  her to the world of Nursing.  Debi enrolled  and Graduated from Morris County Vocational School in 1987 and started  her career as an LPN at what was then Morristown Memorial Hospital.   After a year she returned to obtain her RN through Raritan Valley  Community College's Bridge program, completing the  2 year degree in a year.  She continues to work at Morristown Memorial  on the Surgical Orthopedic floor as well at the Pediatric Intensive Care  Unit where she became certified in Pediatric Oncology.  

She gave birth  to her oldest daughter in 1990, and her youngest  daughter in 1992, she smoked smoking Marijuana when she found out she  was pregnant with her oldest daughter.  

She left MMH in 1997 and  obtained a multitude of experience in various fields of nursing,  Infusion, Oncology and Pediatrics being her passions.  In  2009 Debi was employed as the Long Term Care Unit   Assistant Nurse Manager at Childrens Specialized Hospital, and this is  where she met her adopted son and youngest  child, Aiden.  Aiden, a mirco-preemie was born at just 24 weeks  gestation and suffers from a multitude of disabilities including a grade  4 bleed in his head, Global Developmental Delays, Autism, Chronic Lung  Disease, Gastostromy tube feeding dependence, Incontinence  of bowel and bladder, spastic quadriplegia, and a severe seizure  disorder.  The adoption of her young son lead to to meet Jenni and  Jackson Stormes, and her advocating for the safe accessibility and use  of marijuana for all within the state of NJ was reignited.   She attended the 1st Annual Cannabis Conference in Trenton NJ which  was and event put together by Stormes for legalization and that is where  she met other New Jersey Activist and NJWeedman.   


She  currently holds an undergraduate degree in nursing (RN BSN) as well as  an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, and is currently enrolled  in a graduate  FNP program.


Debi is a single mother of 3 children her youngest a special needs child she adopted at the age of 3 years. She is also a card carrying NJMMP.

She  continues to work FT as a Pediatric and Oncology Infusion Nurse, while  helping to run The Joints Stash Spot, and coordinate all of NJWeedman’s  live events.


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